Friends come to visit

Friends come to Visit


Round Table
17thJanuary 2023

Dr. Vikram Mathews, Director, CMC Vellore, welcomed the gathering

Dr. Vinitha Ravindran, Deputy Director (Hospitality and International Relations) began the proceedings with a word of prayer.


Board Chair of FOV US shares thoughts about visit to Vellore early this year



Our visitors in January

In January, during the time of the State harvest festival - Pongal, our Friends from Germany had come to visit.

The pictures featured here were taken during their trip to the tribal region of Jawadhi where the Community Health department runs an outreach program. 




Dr. Peter Albrecht, chairperson of Friends of Vellore (Germany) handing over a prize to the young winner of a competition, held as part of Pongal celebrations. 

Members of Ida Scudder's extended family - some of her grand-nieces and nephews and their children - visited us this year, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the starting of the medical work at Ranipet by the Scudder family. Among them was Ida's grand niece, Cynthia Scudder Sherman.

“My great aunt was Ida Sophia Scudder. I remember meeting her when I was very small. She was in the United States raising money and I walked out onto this back porch with the sun touching the white hair of this woman. That was the only thing that I remember, and that’s very special."

“I have been to Vellore several times and I am so impressed with what has been happening to benefit the local Indian people. I’ve brought my children so they can see for themselves. Reid has been here several times. Terry, this is his first time. "

"It’s always such a privilege to come here. This is my third visit. I was here in 2000, for the centenary of Ida’s founding of the hospital and college, and now in 2019. 

And each time we come, we’re more amazed at how CMC has grown, the number of people who are served. Today, we’ve been out with the RUHSA program. We were out with CHAD the other day, going off into the villages and seeing the Christian service here, of service to the last and the least, the poorest of the poor but also, giving them the same quality of service as someone who can pay a lot of money.  

It’s also been amazing to see the dedication of the staff, the faculty at all levels… and how they could earn more money working somewhere else and yet the CMC philosophy of service is so strong. And everyone plays a part in that.
So, it’s wonderful to see… the USA could learn a lot from the way things are done in Vellore."

Reid Sherman

"For my sister and I, it’s our first time here. Having grown up, knowing about Scudders...knowing Jake and many others at the retreat on Shelter Island where they used to vacation, it’s just a dream come true to see it in the flesh.

To walk through the wards, see the people being helped, and know the love of God that's being given through these amazing doctors who are so impressive. And the outreach into the Jawadhi hills, for instance... just incredible. 

It’s something we’re going to keep with us for the rest of our lives." 

- Terry Sherman

Our visitors in March

William, Douglas and Val Virgin from the Vellore Ludhiana Committee of Canada. 

Our Canadian Friends came from sub-zero temperatures to a Vellore that was steadily on its way up from the mid-thirties. The pic on the left shows them at CMC's upcoming hospital campus at Kannigapuram.  

Val, who had worked as a nurse and Bill, a pastor and counsellor, on their visit to RUHSA, the Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs.