Eminent visitors

Over the years, many eminent people from various walks of life - statesmen and women, scientists, presidents and others - have graced us with their presence. This page will take you down memory lane to a few of those historic moments in the life of our institution. 

Mahatma GandhiFather of the Nation, seen here with Ida Scudder, at CMC Vellore. 

Lady Mountbatten, the last Vicereine of India, visited CMC in 1946; also in the picture are Dr. Ida Scudder and Dr. Hilda Lazarus, CMC's first Indian Director and Principal.


Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (in the middle) - India's first health minister, Gandhian and freedom fighter - with Dr. Ida Scudder and pioneering neurosurgeon Dr. Jacob Chandy

Former Indian Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, at CMC Vellore; also seen in the picture are Ms. Anna Jacob (to her right), the first Indian Nursing Superintendent of CMC and (to Mrs. Gandhi's left), the former General Superintendent of CMC, Rev. Sanjeevi Savarirayan as well as Dr. Ida. 

Mrs. Gandhi being greeted by Sr. Aleyamma Kuruvilla, first Indian Dean of the College of Nursing, during another visit. 

President Rajendra Prasad (right), free India's first president, with Dr. John Carman, former Director of CMC at the 60th Jubilee celebrations of the institution.

Dr. Jonas Salkthe physician-scientist who made the inactivated polio vaccine, visited CMC's Department of Clinical Virology in 1984; to his left is renowned virologist Dr. Jacob T. John. 
(Also in the picture and standing behind Dr. John is Dr. Jacob Abraham, former Head of CMC's Neurosurgery department.)