During the early seventies, a renowned management expert and faculty member of IIM-Ahmedabad, was called in to evaluate CMC's financial policies and overall financial health. After doing a detailed study, this expert gave a shocking verdict - CMC was giving away too much and if it continued to do so, the institution would bankrupt itself in another five years.

Hearing this, the then Head of the Department of Chaplaincy, Rev. A. C. Oommen, had confidently asserted that the verdict would prove to be true, if there is no God. This anecdote, told and retold to generations of CMC staff and students, is indicative of the institution's long-standing commitment, protected till date, to the practice of charity in order to provide quality healthcare to the poor and the marginalised.

In 2018 - '19, CMC's total charity amounted to Rs 311.86 crores, of which Rs 222.26 crores was for subsidising healthcare and Rs. 89.60 crores, for subsidising the education of our students.

In '17/'18 and '16/'17, the amounts spent on charity were Rs 267.83 crores and Rs 254.42 crores respectively.