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CMC is very proud of its alumni, many of whom have excelled in various academic, leadership and service roles in India and across the world. Others have worked behind the scenes and in low-profile roles, but have been instrumental in bringing health and healing to thousands. CMC encourages all its alumni to stay in touch with each other and with the College, and there are separate Associations for the following alumni groups: Allied Health, MBBS, Nursing and Occupational & Physiotherapy.

Extra-mural alumni play an important continuing role in the life of CMC. Many provide expert advice on research, technical and administrative matters, others help to build partnerships between CMC and the institutions where they now work, and facilitate overseas training opportunities for staff and students. Many also contribute to the work of CMC by supporting us to improve facilities for students, provide scholarships for those who need them and assist in the charitable work of the hospital. 

Notable alumni

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