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The Friends of Vellore (FOV) is an overseas association that has espoused the cause of Christian Medical College Vellore since the late 1940s, by representing the interests of the institution internationally.

There are organised groups of CMC Friends in several countries (links to the left take you to their individual websites). They are all registered charities set up to support the work at CMC through prayer, giving, counsel and other contributions. They conduct social programmes and fund-raising activities, apart from praying for the work in India. 

CMC tries to follow the example of Jesus Christ who always put the needs of others first, and healed those who came to him with gentleness and compassion: whether they were rich or poor, and without passing any kind of judgement on their behaviour, nationality or religion. Our founder, Dr. Ida Scudder gave us the vision of transforming healthcare in India through serving those in need through education, healing and research to improve medical knowledge and practice. 

We hope that members of Friends of CMC Vellore will take an active interest in the work of CMC, and do what they can to support the vision through prayer, helping raise funds for our work amongst poor patients, and sharing this vision with others.

Some people can give money, others can give time to help spread the word about CMC or organise fundraising events in their own neighbourhood.

The role of the FOVs has greatly adapted over the decades in tandem with the dynamic progress of CMC. The projects supported by this fellowship now include the ‘Jawadhi’ Tribal Health project, the Person-to-Person Programme Fund, quite a few social projects through RUHSA and LCECU and the Palliative Care.

If you live in Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, UK or USA you can join in your own country. And if you wish to donate in one of these countries, you can make use of tax-deductible giving schemes in each country, thus ensuring that your donation goes further. You can contribute to the projects selected by the national body, and usually you can also give directly to other projects in Vellore that you wish to support.

People from any other country can join Friends of CMC Vellore in India. 

Membership is free and entitles you to receive the members' newsletter, annual report and other information about what is going on at CMC. From time to time we may organise events for members, both at CMC and at other locations around the country.  Membership does not entitle you to any concessions or special benefits regarding medical treatment, educational or other services at CMC; however, we do welcome you to visit the Public Relations Office or Development Office whenever you are visiting CMC.

Just send an email to Dr. Vinu Moses ( requesting membership, and including your full name and mailing address. It would also be helpful if you mentioned whether there are any areas of our work that you are particularly interested in, for example: serving poor patients, low-cost education for nurses and health-workers, community outreach etc.

You could also post a letter to: 
Dr. Vinu Moses
Development Office
Christian Medical College Vellore
Vellore – 632 004
Tamil Nadu

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