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Dr. Pandian is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Immersive Learning and Digital Innovation at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Since 1909, the College of Nursing has turned out young nurses who have changed lives, particularly those of the underprivileged, all around the world, while carrying out their work in the spirit of CMC's motto - 'Not to be ministered unto but to minister' or 'Not to be served, but to serve'.


The story of Nursing education at CMC – one of excellence, vision and commitment – was founded on Dr. Scudder’s vision and the resolve and planning of Delia Houghton and Vera Pitman.

In 1909, the first batch of 15 girls graduated from the then School of Nursing. In 1932, the programme evolved into a diploma in Nursing and offered India’s first degree course in 1946, and post-graduate courses and doctoral programmes in 1969 and 1994, respectively.

Today, collegiate Nursing education is provided to 900 male and female undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral students. Value-based Nursing education is a key element of successful healthcare. (Support our nursing students)

The College curriculum design has a strong theoretical foundation and high emphasis on clinical experience. It uniquely integrates theory and practice: the theory taught reflects the faculty’s extensive clinical experience. This closes the students’ knowledge practice gap, in turn helping maintain patient care standards.

The College seeks to sensitise the students to the relevance and challenges of healthcare in India’s secondary hospitals. The exposure of BSc Nursing students’ to mission hospitals enables them to witness healthcare dynamics in secondary hospitals and the health needs of rural India. This programme adds to their experience in Community Health Nursing, preparing them to competently work in any healthcare setting.

The Community Health Nursing department is unique: it covers urban, rural and tribal programmes, integrates service and education and thus provides rich opportunities to Nursing students at all levels to acquire clinical competence in caring for individuals, families and communities.

One of the 36 centres of excellence comprising the Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres for Nursing and Midwifery Development, the College serves as a resource centre for nursing and midwifery development and for educating and training Nursing teachers in India. With CMAI Nurses’ League, the College works to raise Nursing education standards in mission hospitals.

The College also collaborates on education, service and research with overseas universities, including the universities of Pennsylvania, Kansas and Washington, and Columbia and York universities. Bright students hailing from marginalised sections of society, who aspire to go far in their careers but need financial assistance, are offered scholarships.

The College creates a nurturing environment and, to this end, along with academic and clinical excellence, the spiritual development of students is emphasised through retreats, Bible classes and community worship on Sundays so that the institution’s motto is internalised.

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Nursing Education Milestones:  

1907         Informal training of nurses
1909         Lower Grade Nursing Course
1932         Higher Grade Nursing training (Diploma Nursing)
1946         B.Sc in Nursing of the University of Madras (first of its kind in India)  
1967         B.Sc for Trained Nurses 
1967         Post Basic Diploma Programmes in Nursing
1969         M.Sc in Nursing
1994         PhD in Nursing
2000         'Institute of Excellence' by the Government of India
2003         WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Development
2005         Fellowship in Nursing
2006         Study Centre for National PhD Consortium, Indian Nursing Council
2009         Centennial year of formal nursing education
 Inauguration of New College of Nursing - Centenary Building 

Read the fascinating story of how one young girl's generous donation - she gave CMC all the money she got as gifts for her wedding - made a lasting impact on the lives of our early nursing students and staff. 

Sr. Anna Jacob, who belonged to CMC's very first batch of diploma nursing, and went on to become its first Indian Nursing Superintendent. talks of how it was back in the old days, and about her friendship with Ida Scudder. (Read more about Sr. Jacob)