The department of surgery at CMC Vellore is a busy academic and clinical unit catering to about 24000 outpatients a year and numerous undergraduates, postgraduates and visiting medical and paramedical students. In spite of this, research, mainly clinical, is given priority in the department.

All postgraduate trainees are required to submit a thesis for qualification. Trainees are encouraged to pursue clinical research, preferably prospective studies. Laboratory services are available in the institution for collaborative work in basic sciences, and some trainees have pursued lab based projects. Experimental work is also possible in the animal lab.

Recently, with the establishment of the Stem Cell Centre, numerous projects involving the use of Stem Cells or Bone Marrow in wounds and ischaemic legs have been approved.

Two of our faculty have registered for PhD s, one in Australia at the Royal Northshore Hospital, Sydney.

The department publishes about 20 papers in peer reviewed journals a year.

Clinical trials are also conducted in the department, some of the notable international ones being the PROSPER trial in rectal prolapse, the POISE and ASPIRE trials in vascular surgery.

Visiting students and doctors from the United States and United Kingdom have pursued projects in the department, leading to publication in international journals (Ostomy Wound Manage. 2008 Dec;54(12):36-46., Colorectal Dis. 2009 Jun;11(5):475-9.)

Some of the recently completed and ongoing studies are mentioned below:

Surgery Unit 1:

Surgery Unit 2:

Surgery Unit 3:

Surgery Unit 4:

Surgery Unit 5:

Surgery Unit 6: